Why Making High Schoolers Decide Their Lives is Dumb (also the College Game is Dumb)

I love art. I want to do art.

I can imagine not doing STEM as a job, it’s a blander life, but honestly, it’s eliminating a possibility that could very well drive me into the ground.

However, art,,,.,.,,.  art. Living without art. Is that even living?

I know I’m being dramatic and in reality, it would be like the slow forgetting of a friendship but I love it so much. I don’t know why and I’ve tried to explain why but all I come up with is a bunch of half-assed reasons.

Maybe that’s what love is? I don’t know what love is but I love art.

Why do STEM? You get to save people’s lives, be at the forefront of innovation, and get a lot of money. In STEM you work hard and memorize and analyze and heal and watch. It’s a lot like life. It’s not easy, and it’s very diverse. But I don’t love STEM. Sure I can get an A in biology but it’s just not there. Also, science is very close to math and my relationship with math is, precarious.

At the biotech presentation I went to, a speaker who worked in STEN said that you had to love it and if you didn’t you’d get sick of it and hate it. I don’t want to hate my job.

And STEM isn’t a direct pipeline into success, you still have to work. Hard. For many years. After college. Just. Like. Art. So what’s the point of pursuing STEM if I still struggle and  I don’t love it? Some may argue that I should take responsibility of my privileges, which are abundant, and do something that’s a HELL of a lot more accessible to me than other people. Being a doctor or an engineer or a scientist would quantitatively help a lot more people than being an artist would. But I’m not structured for STEM in the way I am for art. Failing vs doing something I love and having less money/possibly not helping people is also a risk. Idk man. I love art and I don’t love STEM. STEM is great but I’m very uncertain about my survival in it.

Climate science seems ok, like global warming y’know? but that could be helped in activism, and the problem isn’t science. It’s communication. So maybe climate science + psychology would be best. It’s something I’m interested in and that could help people and has double the money you make as an artist.

Making decisions like these also depend on your own skills though? And I’m not willing to drop art. Pursuing 3 separate fields of study is a lot.

So, no STEM except for climate science, and I like art but it’s kinda scary.


Kicking it Off

Ok so I have a blog now? It sounded like a good idea, so yeah, it’s here. I know that my quality of writing is horrible and the objective of this whole thing is very sketchy, but I created this “blog” in the hopes of expressing opinions, figuring things out, and doing that with people. 

The first hurdle in forming a blog for me was not convincing myself to do it, it was deciding the platform. I haven’t heard of many, but my choices were Quora, WordPress, and Tumblr. The problem with Quora is that, in my prior experiences with it were in very detailed topics, and I don’t know how to start this out with detail, or a quick-hit mission.

By quick-hit I mean that, this isn’t a bullet on a list, it’s just an activity to do, I was going to say specific objective, but then I realized that I kind of did have a specific objective in this, which was to discuss life and important topics.

The people on Quora also seem pretty professional, which is intimidating. (Not that this isn’t.) Quora is great for discourse, but I’m not sure how I would find grey areas to ramble in it. Now, for Tumblr, Tumblr is a great platform for this kind of activity if you look at the facilities it has, you can post opinions and whatnot, and also discuss those very topics. The problem with Tumblr is that content that is already there. I’m not misogynistic or anything, but the content on Tumblr is sometimes very liberal, which I’m not against, I just don’t know my standing yet. There is also a wide variety of content, and the current users on Tumblr probably wouldn’t be looking for my kind of content.

And finally, WordPress, this site is very new to me. I found it a couple days ago while browsing the scioly wikis, and stumbled across Knittingfrenzy18’s blog (https://knittingfrenzy18.wordpress.com.) I thoroughly enjoyed her, as well as Just Angela Things’  content (https://justangelathings.wordpress.com). I realize that it may not be that best for discourse, but it seems pretty good for now, I’m not totally sure, but sometimes I find myself acting on totally emotive reasons.

I thinks that I chose this via process of elimination, but it seems to be working out rather nicely right now.

Remember to feel free to comment and engage!

This has all been typed up on the spot, so the quality’s not the best, and I’ve never actually written for my own reasons before, besides that wiki post. I’m also pretty sure that every sentence is a run on sentence, and I use too many commas, but I’m much more familiar with talking than writing. I realize that I am creating this before the introduction, but I also don’t have plans for the introduction, so we’ll too how that works.